Montre Livingston in Fitness/Sports Issue of FHM Spain

/ 02 February, 2016 /

I wasn't expecting this for a couple more months, but Revista FHM (FHM Spain for the rest of us) dropped their fitness & sports issue this month, with it a feature on Montre Livingston I pitched them back in December.  Right time and place since the Editor In Chief said they were getting ready for an April issue.

To my surprise yesterday, I get an email with this spread.  So stoked!  The shot was already about a year old, but it found a repurpose getting rollerblading out there in a major magazine.  That's gonna be the goal this year...finding ways of pushing shots like this into the public consciousness.

Didn't shoot this, just February 2016 FHM Spain cover

Naluda Magazine Interview with Brian Freeman

/ 21 January, 2016 /

It's been a hectic few weeks and I haven't had a chance to do anything too blade or work related.  It's nice when I know I have a few things in the can, one being BFree's interview with Naluda Magazine.  Always a plus to bring blading to the mainstream, one exposure at a time!

Powerslide Skates Showing Me Some Love...

/ 20 January, 2016 /
Original link:
Kinda stoked Powerslide Skates regrammed a diptych I shot of Chris Calkins riding their new imperial 3 wheeler cruisers.  We're talking this was his first week or two on them new and I was there when he got them at Blading Cup.

These photos were shot about 3 minutes from being kicked out by a bored sheriff right outside of LA Trade Tech College, as Erick Rodriguez is filming his drone and Chris had stopped blading up and down the street for the drone shot.  Chris is always saying it's impossible to get a photo of him without looking creepy or self conscious.  I think I managed a nice shot of him without that creepy uncle feeling. lol.

Features on Impossible Project, SnapItSeeIt, The Booted

/ 12 December, 2015 /

 Quite a few things going on here lately.  I finally got my feature on Impossible Project's Magazine!  Fairly stoked to get recognized by Impossible after a few years of shooting with their film.  That lead me to redoing my portfolio.  Things you should do every so often you know? Back to Impossible...

Took about a year of back and forth since they switched Social Media Coordinators a while back and there were quite a few things going on over there.  Still pretty rad! Right as this was going to live, Blading Cup competition was coming up, I approached Impossible about sponsoring me so I could shoot Blading Cup.  Last year I went though about 17 packs, so I knew I needed the extra muscle!  They gave me some free film, merch, and a good discount on the ungodly amount of film I purchased.  Used 20 packs to shoot Blading Cup, Veteran's Cup competition, and the Brandon Negrete Memorial BBQ. So 3 blade events in a weekend!  Crazy crazy weekend.  After a year of coasting on Beta 2.0 film, I finally got to play with the new film.  Fantastic stuff! The colors were spot on, the contrast much improved. Even the reliability of the film.  I ended up with 2 + trashed packs worth of film.  This year, what 3-4 photos. Max! Oh that was nice.

So with Blading Cup shot, The Booted got in touch about running the photos! Oh that meant so much scanning and cleaning up dust spots.  But it was so worth it!  To the right is that feature I had with The Booted featuring some 40 photos from Blading Cup.  And with that out...

I got to release the whole 150 photos up on my website and trickle the photos out in Instagram where I've had a fantastic amount of support.  That lead to a crazy amount of interactions, regrams, and follows.  I want to post some of them up later in the week when I get a chance...

Then the popular film site ran a photo of mine on this past week's 'Feature Friday.'  

Then I received an email asking if I wanted to have an interview feature up on their site! Oh man. That's a trip. I have to start work on that ASAP!  It's crazy to see this all come in at once... Before this post gets too long....End Transmission!

Check Your Email, Find Out Vibralux Jeans Is Promoting Your Photo

/ 10 November, 2015 /

 It's a bit weird when you start your day checking emails and see one from a known skate brand promoting one of their riders you got to photograph.  You think, I can't believe I shot with that person.  Click. And then the first thing you see is your photograph as the opener. Scroll down some more. Another photograph of yours. Okay, so my credits were missed, but it's an email, what are they gonna do, unsend? Still, it's flattering.  There were 2 other photographers who did shots for BFree's VOD over the course of a year and my photos are being used. I'd say that's something!

Kinda weird when you think you're finally getting recognition for your work.  And yet no one knows who you are..but they know they like your photos.

Thanks Adam Johnson for that low key shout out.

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