One Magazine Photo Journal of Anthony Gallegos with Sand, Surf, And Skates

/ 04 March, 2014 /

It's been a busy week, with my photos popping up left and right unexpectedly.  My photo journal on ONE Magazine's website is no exception.  I submitted it a while ago and knew it was going to be a while as there was a queue for this online editorial.  To be fair, I submitted the photo because it had sat on my drive a while, Anthony asked about it, and we made a bet that it wouldn't be out before Christmas.  Looks like I lost that bet.  haha.  Guess I'm buying him craft beer!

Tyler Hester Photo in Issue 10 of Wheel Scene Magazine

/ 03 March, 2014 /

I wasn't expecting to wake up to Tyler Hester's Wheel Scene Interview up on their page, but I'm not complaining!  It was going to be a full on set up but Tyler ended up breaking his ankle several months ago.  Still, glad to see him get the exposure he deserves.  Thanks for letting me shoot you Tyler!

Ben Schwab Photograph in Wheel Scene Magazine Issue 10

/ 26 February, 2014 /
The latest of Wheel Scene dropped last week and with it a handful of my photos.  I wasn't sure what was going up.  A couple copies are headed my way thanks to the editor, David McNamera, so I'll find out in a week!

Bits are tickling out though!  I know there's a photo for Tyler Hester's interview (who was injured before we could do a full set for his interview). And there's this photo of Xsjado Pro Skater, Ben Schwab.  Great guy and quite the musician.  I snapped this a while back while he was filming for the Inri video (shot photos for their Spring 2010 line).

It was an hectic shoot in downtown LA in front of the Macy's building.  There are people going by left and right, all while he's being filmed. What you can't see (thankfully) is the light up interior in the background.  Ben's being lit by a speedlight on a manfrotto mini tripod (useful tool!) camera right and a speedlight camera left laying on the floor, angled upwards.

If you have a moment, check out Ben's article on Wheel Scene and see what he's been up to lately!

2 Picks in ONE Magazine Digital Issue V.3

/ 16 January, 2014 /

It's been a quiet few months working on my polaroid project, with not much time behind a digital camera.  Though I did slip in 2 photos into the latest digital issue of ONE Magazine of Xsjado AM Mike Obedoza and DP filmer Quinn Feldman.

Both were shot when Take Your Time was wrapping up, with Obedoza visiting LA to film and Quinn was getting ready for a shoulder surgery that would take him out for a year or two.

Mostly Quiet On The Western Front

/ 18 December, 2013 /
Things have been quiet this holiday season, having devoted myself to interning at Milk Studios the past month in their Digital Rentals department.  Working there has provided some valuable insight into what goes into high-end shoots - if only for the gear that's packed.  There are things there that would make the average photog drool. I know I do.  What makes this nicer is having wanted to work at Milk for ages now, and there I am.  

Besides getting my marbles at Milk, I've been shooting away on my Polaroid project and testing out the latest Impossible Project color and black & White films recently out.  If you pop onto Instagram, I have a few shots up.  Should be testing out a color pack over the weekend!  For the most part though, I've been using up the PX-680 color film I've stocked up (whatever I didn't use for Blading Cup).  

The 3rd edition of ONE Magazine's online edition is coming out in the next couple weeks, with a photo or two making it's way into the issue.  Mums the word on who though!  But!  ONE was nice enough to use a photo of mine in their "Best Of The Year" Awards post earlier today.

Julio's usual portrait face. Photo by Brandon Smith
The photo is of legendary blader, influencer, owner of Them Goods and Valo - Jon Julio ( did an interview with him worth reading).  I shot it at Blading Cup on Impossible film.  I captured almost all of my photos from the competition in Polaroid, which can be found on Flickr.

A quick note about that photo of Julio - it's one of two photos.  The first was his standard demeanor - a
serious yet pleasant pillar that he appears to be in every photograph I've seen of him.  I prodded the friends around him to make him laugh, which lead to some pretty weird commentary that finally lead to Julio looking up with the biggest smile I've seen of him.  SNAP.  And there it was, the only ear to ear smile I have ever seen of him, captured in a fleeting moment.

And that about sums up what's going on right now.  There are a few other bits and pieces in the works, but I'll save that for another day!  

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