Check Your Email, Find Out Vibralux Jeans Is Promoting Your Photo

/ 10 November, 2015 /

 It's a bit weird when you start your day checking emails and see one from a known skate brand promoting one of their riders you got to photograph.  You think, I can't believe I shot with that person.  Click. And then the first thing you see is your photograph as the opener. Scroll down some more. Another photograph of yours. Okay, so my credits were missed, but it's an email, what are they gonna do, unsend? Still, it's flattering.  There were 2 other photographers who did shots for BFree's VOD over the course of a year and my photos are being used. I'd say that's something!

Kinda weird when you think you're finally getting recognition for your work.  And yet no one knows who you are..but they know they like your photos.

Thanks Adam Johnson for that low key shout out.

Brian Freeman 9to5 Media Section Finally Released

/ 09 November, 2015 /

With Blading Cup 2015 done, comes the release of BFree's section which he has been filming for all year.  I was lucky enough to get to work with him for a couple days and capture some spectacular images.  

It took me by surprise at the mini blade film festival which was held after blading up...looking up at the screen to this this intro above, which, lists me as primary photog. Crazy stuff when people start to notice you...More on that when I start documenting the Blading Cup polaroid scanning.  That's gonna be a doosy!

Check out the section now up on Sellify - Top 5 Feature with Brian Freeman

/ 05 October, 2015 /

It's odd when you're shooting people you've only ever known through videos.  You know what they're capable of, but not who they are.  Then it's  up to you, the photographer, to showcase their personality and yes, their tricks.  

Brian Freeman (BFree) was a pleasure to work with while he was shooting for his upcoming Bladergang VOD.  I didn't see myself shooting with him, but when you get the phone call to come on and shoot, off I go right?  

Anyway, here's a link to the feature if you want to take a look!  

Be-Mag Post Up On Sic Urethane Wheels

/ 01 August, 2015 /

It's something wild when I pop up to see Be-Mag pic up on the photo of Anthony Gallegos for his Pro Wheel.  Makes for a rad Saturday!  That and I get to shoot B-Free later today...That helps too.

Anthony Gallegos Pro Wheel for Sic Urethane

/ 29 July, 2015 /

Going through social media earlier and noticed this ad by Sic Urethane for my friend Anthony Gallegos.  Two things came to mind.  Couldn't have happened to a better guy!  Finally, a company willing to back this talented skater.  Two, whoa, that's my photo. lol. Thanks guys for the heads up, but not really.  Still, Very rad that they dug the photo enough to turn it into an ad!


Posted this up and actually got a response from the owner of Sic Urethane.  I just appreciate that a guy I have long supported, even made a skate video for, is finally getting a wheel.  Seems small, but it's probably the best news of the week!

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